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Super Hatch is an Express Tool that allows arraying an image, block, or selection to fill an area. This is understandably a very desirable capability. However in practice, it's not very usable. When you select an image using this tool, you' wi'll see white lines where the image is stitched to the next. It also provides less-than-ideal results during arraying blocks or a selection. Further, it doesn't employ the basic file size savings that a true hatch pattern does. This can result in an extremely bloated drawing.


For this reason, we've disabled the Super Hatch tool in F/X CAD since 2017. We strongly recommend that, instead of using Super Hatch, you locate or create a true hatch pattern, or apply the image fill in software such as Photoshop.


For more information on hatch patterns, see our Hatch Patterns documentation.

Last modified on May 18, 2022


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