Significant Delay/Pause/Freeze When Selecting Blocks
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Significant Delay/Pause/Freeze When Selecting Blocks


When selecting blocks from one of our libraries, you are experiencing a significant delay. This issue may be occurring with:

  • Plan Graphics
  • Elevation Graphics
  • Discipline Graphics
  • Amenity (Object) Reference Notes
  • Plant symbols
  • Plant labels
  • Details




When you select a block from one of our libraries, the software requests the content available at You may be experiencing the delay because of network security hardware or software is inspecting this request.




Ask your network administrator to ensure that your network's security system allows our software to request content from

Still having issues with slow performance? See our Slow Land F/X Performance troubleshooting steps.

Last modified on Wednesday, 18 May 2022


  • Land F/X

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