Move Land F/X Objects to a Different Layer
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Move Land F/X Objects to a Different Layer


You want to move a "smart" Land F/X object (such as a block or hatch) to a different layer.


Examples of Land F/X objects include:

  • Plant symbols
  • Groundcover and Shrub Area hatches
  • Blocks or hatches placed as Reference Notes (RefNotes)
  • Irrigation symbols and pipes
  • Labels and callouts
  • Work Areas
  • Detail Templates




In most cases, you can move a Land F/X object to a different layer without causing problems.



However, three Land F/X objects should not be moved to a different layer:

  • Work Areas
  • Detail Templates
  • The Spray Coverage sub-block of irrigation heads


 If moved to a different layer, these three types of objects will not behave correctly. All other Land F/X objects can be moved to a new layer as needed.

You are totally free to move any and all of a planting or irrigation design to any layer of your choosing for the purposes of isolating it. This includes:

  • Heads
  • Pipes
  • Pipe callouts
  • Plants
  • Plant labels
  • Leader lines
  • Detail callouts
  • RefNote callouts



If you simply don't like one of our default layer names, you can easily change it in the General Preferences. If you need to change the name of any layer, follow our steps to change layer names.

Last modified on May 20, 2022


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