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Editing Hatches: Changing a Hatch Description Creates a New Hatch With the Same Description



You are attempting to edit or delete hatches within the Land F/X hatch system.



When you edit a hatch and change its name in the Description field, a new hatch with the original description (i.e., the one you changed) is created.




Our default hatches download automatically from the cloud. When you change the name of one of our hatches, your installation thinks you're missing that hatch and will download it automatically. The downloaded hatch will have the original name we've given it.

We've found the AutoCAD hatch naming system to be somewhat awkward. We've chosen our hatch naming standards carefully, with the goal of providing a more logical organization system that's easier to navigate.



To prevent duplicate hatches from downloading, we recommend maintaining our default hatch naming system when making edits to our default hatches. However, if you have suggestions for renaming our default hatches, we're open to hearing them.

Last modified on Oct 16, 2018


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