0 Regions Created Error in Command Line (Using P-Hatch/PHATCH)
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0 Regions Created Error in Command Line (Using P-Hatch/PHATCH)


You tried to use our P-Hatch (PHATCH) tool, but it stopped working, and you saw a 0 regions created error message in the Command line history.





P-Hatch uses the REGION command, which has issues running while far away from the origin.


This error occurs more commonly with complex P-Hatch brush shapes such as the circle. It can happen commonly with drawings using millimeters that are located far from 0,0 – typically real-world coordinates.

Circle brush





Octagon brush

If you’re using the circle brush, try using the octagon shape instead.


As an alternative, you can move the polyline boundary and hatch to 0,0 world coordinates temporarily, run P-Hatch there, and then move the boundary and hatch to the site plan location.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


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