Unable to Change the Scale of a Hatch – Option is Grayed Out
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Unable to Change the Scale of a Hatch – Option is Grayed Out


You're trying to edit the scale of a hatch for a groundcover, but the scale is grayed out.

Trying to change the rotation of a hatch and it's not working? Here's what to do.





If the option to change the scale is gray, it means you're trying to change the scale from the incorrect location. When editing a groundcover, drip equipment or RefNote and you edit the selected hatch, you won't be able to change the scale. Instead open our Hatch tool and edit the scale from there, as decribed below.

Did you change the scale for one of our default hatch patterns and you want to return it to the Land F/X default scale? Just use our Delete Hatch tool and delete the hatch. The next time you select that pattern, it will download automatically at its default scale.





Editing a hatch scale

You can edit any default hatch and adjust the hatch scale as needed. To do so, you simply need to use our Hatch tool, then select the hatch whose scale you want to edit.


The hatch scale option will not be grayed out here.




After you've adjusted the scale for one of our hatch patterns, the system will create a user-xxxx.xml file, which will store the new scale to be used as the default.


For example, if you navigate to the folder LandFX\hatch, you'll see the _site_.xml which is the Land F/X default site hatch library file.

_site_.xml file in the LandFX\Hatch folder




user - site.xml file in the LandFX\Hatch folder

If you then adjust the LAFX-C150-STITCHWAVE hatch within the Site > Complex section, the system will create a user - site.xml with that adjusted scale for LAFX-C150-STITCHWAVE.

Last modified on Tuesday, 27 June 2023


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