Error: Unable to Find Existing Detail in the Database (Saving a Detail)
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Error: Unable to Find Existing Detail in the Database (Saving a Detail)


You attempted to save a detail, and you saw the following AutoCAD message: Unable to find existing detail in the database.





The system can be extremely picky about any files that live under the LandFX\Details folder location. This setting is designed to prevent users from thinking that they can just manually save or copy details within that folder.


This error is occurring because you don’t have an XML file for this detail that matches the correct data. You might either:

  • Not have a matching XML file at all in your details folder, or
  • Have one with mismatched location data. (This issue can happen if you copy and paste DWG and XML detail files directly in the Windows File Explorer.)





If you want to base a detail on an existing detail, we recommend doing so from the Detail Explorer, where you can drag and drop the detail into the new location.


As an alternative, you can copy the source detail file, but you just can't make a copy of it beneath LandFX > Details. Therefore, you'll need to copy it to a separate location, such as your desktop. There, you will be able to open the detail, edit it, and then save it into the system without receiving that error.


What if the issue is affecting multiple details?

In some cases, this issue is widespread and you might need to fix a lot of details to restore their missing XML data. If so, you’ll need to re-save your details, but you won't be able to save them if the files are in the detail folder.


In this case, you can:


1. Move the detail DWG file out of the LandFX\Details folder. You can make a temporary copy on the desktop.


2. Open the detail DWG file.


3. Run our Save Details tool. Navigate to the folder you need. If the detail number is already there (from the faulty duplicate), adjust the detail number to be the same as the faulty duplicate. You'll be asked whether you want to overwrite the old detail. Click Yes.


The detail is now fixed and ready for use in a project. Repeat these steps for all your faulty details.
Last modified on May 18, 2022


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