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Details Missing from the Detail Manager but Visible in the Detail Explorer


Your details are viewable and editable in the Detail Explorer but are not appearing from the Detail Manager.

Are your details missing from both the Detail Manager and the Detail Explorer? Solution >




Step 1: Verify that you're working in the correct Land F/X project

If details are missing from the Detail Manager, you'll first need to verify that the correct project is associated with the sheet.


Open our Projects tool:


F/X Admin ribbon, Project List button




Admin Data toolbar



F/X Admin toolbar

F/X Admin pull-down menu




or type FX_ProjectFiles in the Command line




The Land F/X Projects dialog box will open.



Verify that you are in fact working with the Land F/X project that is associated with the DWG files containing your details. All detail sheets for your drawing should be accessing the same Land F/X project. If not, make sure the correct project is open by highlighting that project's name and clicking Open.




Once you've confirmed that all sheets are accessing the correct project, there is no way a detail can "disappear" from the Manager. DWG drawings can, however, become assigned and unassigned to sheets as you switch around, so the next step is to check whether several DWG files are associated with the same Land F/X sheet.


Step 2: Check whether multiple DWG files are associated with the same sheet

It's also possible that multiple DWG files are associated with the same Land F/X Sheet. As you open and close them, your detail drawings can sometimes become assigned and unassigned to sheets as you open and close them.



In most cases, the solution is as easy as making a few changes in your project's Sheet Index.


Using the Sheet Index, assign each Land F/X sheet to its corresponding DWG layout. For instructions on how to assign a sheet to a DWG, see the Assigning a Sheet to a Layout Tab section on our Sheet Index documentation page.


If the drawing includes layout tabs that are not being used for details, these tabs may have been copied from a detail sheet, which causes exactly this issue. Fortunately, you can correct the problem with the same simple fix: assigning every layout to a Land F/X Sheet.



Step 3: Check your permissions on the project and Detail Library folder

Finally, your details may be assigned to a specific project that has permission restrictions, and/or you might not have Read-Write permissions for your Detail Library folder.


Verify that you have Read-Write permissions for: 

  • The Land F/X project that includes the details you are trying to access. (See our article on Project permissions & Read-Only projects.)
  • Your office's Detail Library folder. (Ask your IT administrator to ensure that you have Read-Write permissions for this folder.)
Last modified on Jan 15, 2019


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