Placing a Detail Template: Insertion Point is Off the Tick Marks
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Placing a Detail Template: Insertion Point is Off the Tick Marks


When you place a Detail Template, it's not coming in at the correct insertion point. The insertion point appears to be off the tick marks.



It should be coming in like this, with the tick mark lined up with the corner of the Template:

Detail Template coming in correctly with tick mark lined up with corner of Template




Detail Template coming in incorrectly with tick mark off Template corner
But instead, it's coming in like the image to the left, with the tick mark off the Template corner.





The insertion point setting (INSBASE) in your Detail Template source file is off the mark.





1. Open the Details Preferences and click Open Template.




The source drawing file will open for the Detail Template you're currently using.

Detail Template source file




2. Type INSBASE in the Command line and press Enter.


3. When prompted to enter a new value, type 0,0 and press Enter.


4. Type MOVE in the Command line and press Enter. Select everything in the Detail Template drawing.


5. Select the bottom left corner of the template as the move point, and move everything to 0,0.


6. Save the file.


7. Test your edit by opening a blank DWG drawing and placing a template. It should come in correctly. You should now be able to place your Detail Templates correctly.

Last modified on Monday, 23 May 2022


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