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Reference Notes Schedule Columns are Organized Incorrectly


Your Reference Notes Schedule is not organized in the way you want. Specifically, the DESCRIPTION column is not listing your Reference Notes (RefNotes) under your selected Subdivision headings.



For example, your RefNotes may be grouped in the schedule only according to the Divisions, but not to the Subdivisions. For example, the RefNotes in the schedule shown below are all listed under the Division heading PAVING instead of their Subdivision headings. 


The RefNote Subdivision system is tied directly to the number assigned to each Subdivision. If the RefNotes are not numbered correctly for their intended Subdivisions, they will be pulled out of the Subdivisions.


For example, the Subdivision UNIT PAVING is assigned the number 300 within the Division P PAVING. Consequently, RefNotes in that Subdivision need to be assigned a number equal to or greater than P-300. However, the RefNote Brick Red is assigned the number P-91. 


As a result, the system will allow this RefNote to be classified under the Division PAVING, but not under the Subdivision UNIT PAVING. In turn, when we place the schedule, the RefNote will be listed under the heading PAVING rather than UNIT PAVING.




To organize your RefNotes schedule the way you want, you'll need to reorganize the Subdivisions and numbers you have assigned to your RefNotes. 


In our example, our RefNotes are assigned numbers that don't match the numbering of the intended Subdivision, UNIT PAVING, which is assigned the number 300.


To organize our schedule correctly, we'll need to edit each RefNote and assign it a number that fits within the correct Subdivision numbering structure. For example, if we want to assign RefNote Brick Red to the Subdivision UNIT PAVING, we'll need to give it a number equal to or greater than P-300. Our RefNote is already assigned to the Division Paving, so it automatically has the prefix P. Thus, we can simply change the number in the Number field to 301 (or 300, 302, 303, etc.). 


In this way, go through your RefNotes and assign each of them the correct number and Subdivision. Once you've gone through all your RefNotes you want to reorganize, delete your existing schedule and run another RefNotes Schedule. Because they are now assigned the correct numbers, the RefNotes will be arranged according to your preference.

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Last modified on Mar 08, 2018


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