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Different Reference Notes Callouts Using Different Callout or Leader Styles


Different Reference Notes (RefNotes) Callouts are showing up with different styles in the same drawing. You may be seeing a mix of square, hexagonal, circle or oval shapes, or a mix of shadow, no shadow, screen fill or mask and no screenfill or mask.


For example, you may see one callout with a square style (left below) and one with a hexagonal style (right below).





The shape and style of each RefNote callout is set individually for the individual RefNote it refers to. Your RefNotes are likely set to have different leader and callout styles.



Follow our steps to edit the RefNotes whose leader or callout styles you want to change, selecting the styles you want.


These settings are available at the bottom of the Edit Reference Note dialog box, as pictured to the right. Click OK when finished editing each RefNote's leader and callout style.


Use our Verify Callouts tool to ensure the styles updates. (They will normally update immediately.)




Last modified on Apr 24, 2018


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