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Text Appears Scrunched or Squished Together in RefNote Callouts, Dimensions, or Other Callouts


The text in your Reference Notes Callouts (RefNotes Callouts), dimensions, or another type of callout is appearing scrunched or pushed together, or is overlapping.


The example to the left shows this issue occurring with RefNotes Callouts.



You might be having this issue because:

  • The font assigned to the Callout Title text style has been changed (either to a different font or a different width) in the present drawing, and RefNotes Callouts had already been placed. Or,
  • You have corruption in your drawing.



If the issue is occurring with RefNotes Callouts, run our Verify Labels tool.


Does the text in your RefNotes Callouts still look scrunched after running Verify Labels? Or is the issue occurring with dimensions or another type of callout? If so, follow our steps to clean your drawing and all Xrefs.

Last modified on Jun 12, 2018


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