Reshoot Thumbnail Preview Slides for Saved Details
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Reshoot Thumbnail Preview Slides for Saved Details


You need to reshoot a thumbnail preview slide for a detail you've saved using our Save Detail tool.


For example:

  • The image is the wrong size (too large or small) within the slide window, or
  • Your detail slide files (SLD or .sld files) are consistently too large in file size.



Follow our steps for reshooting a detail preview slide.

The simplest trick for reducing slide file sizes is to resize your CAD window until it's the same size as the target slide you want to create – yes, that means tiny.

Note that you should attempt to match the aspect ratio of the target image with your display window. So for instance, if your AutoCAD window is spanning two monitors, the resulting slide could have an aspect ratio of 8:3, while the one in the dialog is 4:3, which will result in it not being zoomed in enough.

Last modified on Oct 17, 2022


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