That File is Currently Open. Would You Like to Open it Read-Only?
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That File is Currently Open. Would You Like to Open it Read-Only?


When attempting to edit a detail, you saw the following message:

That file is currently open. Would you like to open it read-only?



If you click Yes, the detail will open in read-only status, meaning you can't edit it. If you click No, the detail simply won't open.

That file is currently open. Would you like to open it read-only?




Note that the message also tells you who currently has the detail file open, as well as the computer that has it open. (In our example, a user named Steve has the detail open on the computer ALUMINUMFALCON.)



But what if you walk over to that user's computer and it's turned off, and the user isn't even there? And you really need to edit the detail now?





We've' received worried reports from a number of users that, when using a shared online folder for their detail library, it's possible for two users to edit a detail at the same time, setting the stage for conflicts.


When you open any DWG file, AutoCAD creates a hidden lock file with a DWL prefix in the same location. When you open a DWG file over a network path, AutoCAD will check for this lock file and open the file in read-only status as necessary. However, it will not do so if the location is a shared online folder.


As a result, we've built similar functionality into our Edit Detail logic. If you attempt to open a detail file, the system will assume that another user has the file open via a shared online folder and will open that file as read-only if:

  • A detail lock file exists, and
  • The detail file was created by a different user or computer, and
  • The file was created less than 24 hours ago.


However, this feature can misfire in one understandable way — if AutoCAD crashes or is forced to quit, the lock file will remain. If the same user on the same computer was to simply reopen the file in question, the lock file would be replaced.

What if another shared online folder user actually does have the detail open, and has left AutoCAD running for more than 24 hours? In this case, you should have a serious chat with that user. Land F/X will not prompt in that case, and will open the detail in read-write status.





Option 1: The simplest way to edit the detail is to just open it manually from Windows Explorer. It will be in the folder you have designated as your detail library, which is commonly the folder LandFX/Details.

You can find your detail library location in the Details Preferences.




Option 2: If the user listed in the message opens the detail on the machine listed in the message, and then closes it without saving, the lock file indicator will be removed from the detail. allowing you to open and edit it.


Option 3:

You can also allow 24 hours to pass since the file was opened. At that point, you can open and edit the detail.

Your details are always accessible via Windows Explorer, and also can be WBLOCKed out of any sheet. This feature just fills a gap that is missing in AutoCAD’s opening of files. If all goes well, a future version of AutoCAD will make this logic obsolete.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


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