Text Coming in With All Caps (Capital Letters)
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Text Coming in With All Caps (Capital Letters)


When you place text in a drawing, the text is coming in as all capital letters (and you don't want it to).



Assuming you don't have Caps Lock enabled on your keyboard, you likely have the All CAPS setting turned on in the Text Editor. 



1. Check to verify that Caps Lock is not enabled on your keyboard.


2. Open the Text Editor by double-clicking any existing text in your drawing.


3. From the Text Editor ribbon, click the small-down-facing arrow in the Tools panel (see image below).


On the menu that opens, the All CAPS option will be highlighted in blue if it's enabled. Click this option to disable it. When disabled, the All Caps option will only be surrounded by the black background of the menu, as pictured below.


ALL CAPS menu option


Your text should no longer come in as all caps when you place it.

Last modified on May 20, 2022


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