Use the Old Text Leaders (Without MLeaders or Background Masks)
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Use the Old Text Leaders (Without MLeaders or Background Masks)


You want to use the old site leaders with text – that is, the versions prior to our update that turned these leaders into MLeaders with background masks.

Old site leaders with text on ribbon





At the request of a few Land F/X users, we've added Command line keyboard commands for our four site leaders with text. The following commands will result in the corresponding text leader in the old style, without Mleaders and without background masks:

  • Leader with Text: Type FX_OldTextLeaderDim
  • MText Leader Frame: Type FX_OldMtextLeaderFrame
  • Text Leader Tick: Type FX_OldTextLeaderPline
  • Text Leader Dot: Type FX_OldTextLeaderDot

If you want, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to each of these leader types.

Last modified on May 20, 2022


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