Site Dimensions Showing Incorrect Measurement, but Size is Correct in Properties Panel
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Site Dimensions Showing Incorrect Measurement, but Size is Correct in Properties Panel


You used one of our Site Dimension tools to place a dimension in your drawing, and the dimension measurement is showing up wrong – even though it's listed correctly in the Properties panel.




For example, let's say one of your linear dimensions is reading 74 feet three inches, but the Properties panel is listing it correctly at 6 feet.
Linear dimension incorrect in drawing but correct in Properties panel




Dimensions rounding up or down

Or your dimensions appear to be rounding up or down, as pictured to the left.





You likely have an incorrect setting in your Dimension Style (DimStyle), which is either multiplying or rounding the dimension to an incorrect number.






1. Type DIST in the Command line and press Enter.



2. Click at one end of the object you're trying to dimension, then click at the other.


You'll see the correct distance you just measured as a Distance entry in the Command line.


Keep this distance in mind when correcting the dimension, as the corrected dimension should reflect this distance.

Distance of measurement shown in Command line



3. Type DimStyle in the Command line and press Enter



Dimension Style Manager, Modify button

4. In the Dimension Style Manager, select the current DimStyle and click Modify.


In the Modify Dimension Style dialog box, select the Primary Units tab, and check the following settings:


  • Unit format: Verify that this menu is set correctly. For example, if you're working in Architectural units, make sure the menu is set to Architectural.


  • Round off: This menu should be set to 0 (or 0.0, 0.0000, etc.). If it isn't, set it to 0.

The Round off setting causes dimensions to be rounded up or down to the nearest increment it's set to, as in the second example at the top of this page, where a 1.34-inc dimension is being rounded up to 1.5 inches. When it's set to 0, dimensions will appear at their exact value.


  • Scale factor: Verify that this setting is correct. In this example, the Scale factor menu is set to 12, which is multiplying dimensions by 12 unnecessarily.




If the Scale factor menu is set incorrectly, change it to the correct value. In our example, we'd need to set the Scale factor to 1.



Click OK to save the change.

Modify Dimension Style dialog box, Scale Factor menu




6. Close the Dimension Style Manager. You should now see the correct dimensions in your drawing.

Are your adjustments still resulting in incorrect measurements in your dimensions, or having no effect at all? Here's what to do.

Last modified on May 23, 2022


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