Text is Not Reflecting the Thickness of the Layer Color in the CTB When Plotting
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Text is Not Reflecting the Thickness of the Layer Color in the CTB When Plotting


When you plot your drawing, the text is not following the thickness settings in your CTB file.



For your text to follow the thickness settings in your CTB, you'll need to use SHX fonts. You're likely using TrueType fonts in your drawing.


SHX fonts take on the color and plotting properties of the layer where they reside, and therefore plot to the thickness assigned to that particular color in the CTB plot style.


TrueType fonts are not affected by the colors or thicknesses set to the layer where the text resides. These fonts will plot based solely on the style of font.

Having this issue with fractions?

For example, are fractions plotting extra thick when all other text seems to be thr right thickness? If so, the issue is occurring because the stacked fraction line in a number set is not a part of the font type and therefore will adhere to the color to which it's assigned.


To resolve a thickness issue with fractions, select one of these fraction lines and set its layer color to use a thin plot style. It will then plot as thin as the text.



It's generally recommended that you use TrueType Fonts within CAD. If you need thicker fonts, you can either:

  • Use an appropriate SHX font style, or
  • Define a proper TrueType font type that includes a Bold variation.

Still having issues with your font styles? See our article on fixing font issues in CAD.

Last modified on May 25, 2022


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