Text is Not Showing Up on an Arc (ARCTEXT)
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Text is Not Showing Up on an Arc (ARCTEXT)


You tried to place an arc with text using the Arc Aligned Text (ARCTEXT) command, but the arc is showing up without the text.




Desired text


You want your arc to show up with text like this ...


Issue text


... but instead it's showing up without the text, like this.





This issue could be occurrring because:

  • You may have the Hardware Acceleration setting enabled, which can cause this issue.


  • The issue may also be the result of our recommended default setting for ARX Application objects in the Options dialog box – Command Invoke – which allows you to see corruption in a drawing.


The ARCTEXT command uses ISM proxies, so they are unfortunately affected. However, running a command to invoke them causes them to display.


This is a known issue that results from a quirk with how AutoCAD deals with these types of proxies.






1. Follow our steps to disable Hardware Acceleration.


Try placing your arc text again. If the text displays correctly, you've resolved the issue.


Arc Aligned Text still not showing up? Move on to the next step.



2. You can also try changing the setting for ARX Application objects in the Options dialog box, Open and Save tab.


Open the Options dialog box by typing OP in the Command line and pressing Enter. Select the Open and Save tab, then select the Object detect and command invoke option from the Demand load ObjectARX apps menu.


Click OK to save the change.

Keep in mind that changing this setting would allow your arc text to display but would also hide Proxy Objects that can potentially corrupt your drawings.

Last modified on Apr 25, 2022


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