Menus Not Loaded (Installing F/X CAD)
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Menus Not Loaded (Installing F/X CAD)


You saw the following message when attempting to install F/X CAD:

Menus not loaded

We were unable to automatically set the appropriate menus for this F/X CAD installation. Please click the link below to visit our guide to do so.

Menus not loaded error message





The installer was unable to load your Land F/X menus automatically.

Our software will not function properly if the Land F/X menus are not loaded.





Menus not loaded error message, Load the Land F/X Menus link

Click the Load the Land F/X Menuslink in the error message.


You will be brought to a page on our website with a set of steps that will help you load your Land F/X menus manually.


Once you've loaded your Land F/X menus, you can continue installing F/X CAD.

Last modified on May 11, 2022


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