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Convert from a Student or Academic Version of AutoCAD


You are currently using an academic version of AutoCAD as a student or faculty member at a university or other institution, and you need to transition to a commercial version of AutoCAD or F/X CAD.



1. Follow our steps to uninstall AutoCAD and all Autodesk products from your computer.


2. Install your commercial version of AutoCAD. If you're installing F/X CAD, follow our installation guide. Do not select the Student or Faculty Member option.


3. Note that the academic stamp is embedded in DWG files. When you open one of your existing files, it will still have a stamp reading either:

  • For Educational Use Only, or


Once you've uninstalled the academic version of AutoCAD and installed a trial or purchased version, you should be able to open a new drawing and confirm that the academic information is gone. 


Do you have drawings that you've completed using the academic license, and you need to use those drawings in a professional setting? As long as you have AutoCAD or F/X CAD 2014 or newer, the academic plot stamp should disappear once you open the drawing in that version. More information >

Last modified on Mar 05, 2018


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