Register for a Trial of F/X CAD
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Register for a Trial of F/X CAD


You need to register for a trial of F/X CAD.




You may have opened F/X CAD and immediately seen a prompt to sign in to an Autodesk account.

Autodesk sign-in screen





Trials for F/X CAD need to be registered with a valid Autodesk account. You're seeing this prompt because:

  • Your Autodesk account is not yet registered for a trial of AutoCAD, or
  • You are currently logged in with the wrong Autodesk account, or
  • You haven't created an Autodesk account.





Autodesk trial intake page questionnaire, example

1. If you haven't done so already, go to Autodesk's trial intake page and fill out the questionnaire.


If you haven't created an Autodesk account, you'll be able to create one during this process.




2. After registering for a trial, you'll see a Download button to download the trial installation.


Click this button to begin the download. You can then choose to either cancel or ignore the download.

Download button for downloading an AutoCAD trial




Selecting Trials from the profile menu on the Autodesk site

3. Click your profile icon in the top right corner of the Autodesk page, then select Trials from the menu that opens.


You should see an active trial listed for the current version of AutoCAD on the next screen. If so, you can return to F/X CAD, sign in with this account, and continue with your trial.

Don't see an active trial listed on the next screen?

If not, you'll need to start the process over again.


If you still don't see an active trial after completing all the steps, you'll need to contact Autodesk for help, as we are unable to help with this system.

No active subscription or trial could be found for this email address

Did you launch F/X CAD, sign in with your Autodesk account, and see a message that No active subscription or trial could be found for this email address?


If so, you're either seeing this message because:

  • Your registration didn't go through, and you'll need to repeat the trial process, or
  • You're signed into F/X CAD with the wrong Autodesk account
No active subscription or trial could be found for this email address




Already have a license link on Autodesk message in CAD

If you find that you're signed into the wrong account, click Already have a license in the bottom right of the message, then click Switch User on the next screen that pops up.


CAD will then prompt you to save. Click Save, then close CAD.


After you reopen CAD, you'll be prompted to sign into your account again.

Last modified on Jun 05, 2023


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