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Mac Installation: Can I Use the Same .pvm File on Two Computers?


You have a .pvm (Parallels Virtual Machine) file installed on a Mac that is running Parallels in order to run CAD. You are wondering whether you can install that same .pvm file on another Mac. Essentially, you would be using a standard .pvm file for each Mac you set up in your office.

What is a .pvm file? It's a file that enables you to set up a "Virtual Machine" on a Mac using the program Parallels. This "Virtual Machine" functions as a Windows-based computer, allowing you to run CAD and other Windows-based programs.



Yes, you absolutely can use a standard .pvm file to ease the setup of a new Mac (or the installation of Parallels on a Mac you already have in your office).

After you set up the computer using this .pvm file, you will then want to remove that Windows user and create a new user account.

You will then also need to reactivate any software, such as F/X CAD. Need help reactivating F/X CAD? Follow the instructions linked here.


Need more information on running CAD on a Mac using Parallels? Take a look at our Land F/X on a Mac Using Parallels page.

Last modified on Mar 05, 2018


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