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Reinstall Parallels Tools


You need to reinstall Parallels Tools.


Several issues can require you to reinstall Parallels Tools. For example, you may be unable to reach a shared LandFX folder if it's mounted via your Mac and shared through Parallel Tools. Reinstalling Parallels Tools can resolve issues like this one.

Parallels Tools is a series of utilities that are part of Parallels – an application that allows you to run Windows-based programs like AutoCAD on a Mac. To complete the steps on this page, you need to have Parallels already installed on your Mac. Looking for instructions for installing Parallels? See our page on installing Parallels 11.




1. Make sure you've saved any work in CAD and any other Windows-based programs. Close all open applications.



2. Open the Actions menu from your Mac menu bar.




Select Reinstall Parallels Tools from the menu.




3. You'll see the following message:

You are going to install Parallels Tools. Do you want to continue?



Click Yes.




4. Allow a few minutes for Parallels Tools to reinstall.




5. Once the reinstallation is complete, you'll see a message that Parallels Tools updated successfully.



Click Restart.




6. Allow a few minutes for your Parallels Virtual Machine to restart and reconfigure. You can then begin working within Windows and Parallels.

Last modified on Nov 15, 2018


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