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Cannot Connect to Server



You received the following error message when using our software:

Cannot connect to server.



Cause & Solution

This error message indicates that your ODBC connection is configured improperly.

The "server" mentioned in this error message is actually your F/X Server. If you have a standalone installation, this component will be on your computer. If your office has a computer that functions as a central server, your Land F/X Server will likely be on that computer.

Want to know more about ODBC, MySQL, and the F/X Server? Please see our Definitions article.


Single-User Installation

Examples of a Single-User installation include:

  • A single office computer withour software installed that is not connected to a Land F/X server on a central office server
  • A n installation of our software on a home computer or laptop


If you haveour software installed in one of these ways, complete the following steps: 


1. Troubleshoot your ODBC connection for a standalone installation.



2. If you receive a Connection Failed message, follow our steps to test and configure your MySQL connection.



Multi-User Installation

Complete the following steps if your office has our software installed on a central server:


1. Follow our steps to troubleshoot your ODBC connection for a server installation.



2. If you experience lag time while testing your ODBC connection, you likely have a network connection issue. Follow our steps to ping your server name.



3. If your server responds quickly to the ping BUT your ODBC cannot connect, follow our steps to test and configure the MySQL service on the server.



4. If the test takes more than a second to show Connection Successful, follow our steps for troubleshooting a slow connection.



5. Now go back to your workstation and troubleshoot your ODBC connection again. That should do the trick. If not, contact your IT department for help.

Last modified on Mar 12, 2018


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