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Install Land F/X on a Server that Already Has MySQL Installed


You already have MySQL installed on a server, and you also need to install our software on that server.



1. Follow our steps to install Multi-User Land F/X on your server, taking care to follow the Local Data steps.


The installation steps will create a LandFX folder on your server, in the location you selected.



2. Check to ensure that Port 3306 is open on your local firewall.



3. Follow our steps to share the LandFX folder on the network.



4. Open the CMD screen by opening your Start menu, typing CMD in the search box, and selecting cmd in the Programs list.







5. Log in to MySQL on the CMD screen, and type the following:




GRANT ALL ON landfx.* TO 'ODBC';




6. On a workstation in your network, run the setup64.exe file from the shared LandFX folder in your shared server location.




7. On that same workstation, open CAD. If you don't see our ribbons or menus, load the Land F/X menus.



8. On the same workstation, type REACTIVATE in the Command line, and press Enter.



9. A screen will open showing the following message: Master database records missing. Click OK to recreate.


Click OK.



10. Restart CAD.

Last modified on Dec 13, 2018


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