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Unable to Query ... (Installing or Updating Land F/X)



You received the following error message when trying to update or install Land F/X, or when opening the License Manager – and you are positive that your Internet connection is working.


Unable to query for the latest version, and unable to notify Technical Support of the error.




This error can occur when:

  • Your TLS settings in Internet Explorer are disabled, preventing you from accessing our online database – or using our software at all.
  • You are on a Mac with Parallels, and your Parallels Virtual Machine has no Internet connection.



Step 1: Enable TLS Settings

Follow our steps to enable your TLS settings in Internet Explorer. Your system should now be able to query Land F/X, and you can continue the installation, update, or other process you were attempting.

Using a Mac with Parallels? Still getting the error? Move on to Step 2.



Step 2 (Mac users with Parallels): Select Your Connection Type from Parallels Tools


1. Open the Parallels menu by clicking the two red vertical lines near the top right corner of your screen (as pictured to the right).



Select the Configure option from the menu.




2. In the dialog box that opens, select the Hardward tab.



Then select the Network (or Network 1) option from the left pane.



Open the Source menu, and select the type of connection you're using on the Mac side – or just the Default Adapter option.

The example to the left shows the Ethernet option selected, but your selection will vary depending on your connection. Not sure which type of connection to select? Ask your IT Administrator.


You should now be able to update or install our software without generating the error.

Last modified on Oct 23, 2018


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