Wizard Was Interrupted Error Immediately After Entering Support ID (Installing the Land F/X Server Component)
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Wizard Was Interrupted Error Immediately After Entering Support ID (Installing the Land F/X Server Component)


While installing our software, you received a message that The wizard was interrupted after entering a Support ID in the screen pictured to the right.

Did you get this same error message during the Database Installation portion of the installation process? If so, here's the solution.





This is a rare error message resulting from a computer that is not in top operating shape. It can result from issues related to your firewall, an Internet Explorer certificate, XML validation, malware, or a plain old tired operating system.




Step 1: Verify your Internet connection

Entering your Support ID requires a functioning Internet connection. Make sure your Internet connection is working.


Step 2: Disable a firewall during installation

Your office, or your computer, may have a firewall in place that is preventing the successfull installation of our software. Try disabling your firewall and attempting the installation again.

Note: You may need your network administrator's help in disabling your firewall.


Still getting the error or otherwise unable to install? You may have what's known as a certificate issue. Move on to the next step.



Step 3: Resolve a certificate issue in Internet Explorer

From Internet Explorer (Note: It HAS to be Internet Explorer – it cannot be FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), navigate to the following URL: https://www.landfx.com/purchase.php

Why do I have to use Internet Explorer? Our installer automatically uses Internet Explorer to send your support ID to our website when you install. If a problem occurs with this transmission, you'll need to address it using the medium that our system is using – which is, of course, Internet Explorer.


You may see an Internet Explorer certificate error like the one pictured to the right.


(Note that certificate errors vary in appearance between operating systems, versions of Internet Explorer, etc.)


If you see this type of warning about a security certificate, follow the prompts to allow our Purchase page to display without error.

Security certificate error






Step 3A (if necessary): Install a certificate in Internet Explorer manually


In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and select Internet Options.



In some versions of Internet Explorer, you can access the Internet Options item by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen. The location of this option may vary depending on your version of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Tools menu, Internet Options




Internet Options dialog box, Content tab, Certificates option

The Internet Options dialog box will open.




Select the Content tab and click Certificates.




The Certificates dialog box will open.




Click Import.

Certificates dialog box, Import button




Certificate Import Wizard

The Certificate Import Wizard will open.




Click Next.





The next screen will ask you to Specify the file you want to import.

Prompt to specify the file you want to import




This file will be the certificate you need to import. First, download the certificate file using the link below.





Save the file to your desktop. It will be a zip file with the filename Geotrust. Double-click the Geotrust file to unzip it. This step will result in a new file, also named Geotrust, on your desktop.




Import Wizard, Browse button, browsing to Geotrust file on desktop

In the Import Wizard, click Browse and navigate to the Geotrust file on your desktop.




Then click Next.





On the next screen, select the option for Windows to Automatically select the certificate store.




Then click Next.

Automatically select the certificate store option




Finish button




On the next screen, click Finish to complete the importing process.




In most cases, the issue will be resolved at this point.



Still unable to install? The issue may be occurring because your script engine is not installed. If so, you can attempt to install a script engine by following the next step.



Step 4: Install a VBS script engine

Note: You must be a system administrator to complete these steps.


Open an elevated Command Prompt window:

  • Click Start > All Programs > Accessories.
  • Right-click the Command Prompt.
  • Click Run as administrator.


Type the following command in the Command Prompt window: regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\vbscript.dll


Press Enter.


You should see the following message: DllRegisterServer in vbscript.dll succeeded.


Now type the following command in the Command Prompt window: regsvr32 %systemroot%\syswow64\vbscript.dll

If you receive an "Error 0," you may need to install the latest Microsoft XML Helper Library, MSXML 6 sp2.


Install the software and attempt another installation.


Installation still not working? You may have an issue with malware. If so, move on to the next step.



Step 5: Resolve a malware issue

Malware may be preventing your computer from installing our software. If so, you can try visiting the following site:



Download the software from that site, and run it to test your computer for malware. If you indeed have malware on your computer, the software will find and remove it. Try installing again once you've removed the malware.


Still can't install? You may have an issue with your operating system. If so, you may need to try the nuclear option: manual installation.


Step 6: Manual installation

If all of these steps fail you can use our manual installation steps, which include:

  •   Downloading data files
  •   Installing MySQL
  •   Configuring MySQL and network for use with our software

Follow these complete manual installation steps.


Still having issues installing? Your Windows operating system may be the issue.



Step 7: Reinstall your operating system and start from scratch

Of course, if you need to reinstall your operating system, you are undoubtedly facing bigger issues than downloading our software. Reinstalling your operating system can resolve a number of problems and result in vastly improved performance.

If you choose to do this, remember to back up all files on your hard drive to an external device, since reinstalling will wipe them out from your computer.
Last modified on Apr 20, 2022


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