VPN Connections and Land F/X
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VPN Connections and Land F/X

If you want to use one of our plugins with a virtual private network (VPN) connection, here are a few things you need to know:



We've discovered some issues with the VPN connections that can affect the performance of your installation.



The symbol selection dialog box, pictured to the right, appears to be particularly affected.



Sometimes, it won't even show up over a VPN connection.

Symbol selection dialog box



XML files seem to be especially slower over a VPN, and populating the SLD files for the thumbnail slides of blocks (such as plants and site amenity symbols) is problematic at best.



Because of these issues, we recommend using our cloud licensing and data options, which will allow your users to access the Land F/X database outside of your local office network. To set up these options, please contact us via a technical support ticket.



Working within a VPN requires an extremely strong connection, with 10Mbps networks being the bare minimum. For our plugins to function properly, 100Mbps is the ideal connection speed.



However, we don't recommend accessing your LandFX folder over a VPN. Instead, we recommend using an online folder from a provider such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or some similar replication/offline storage service, to replicate your LandFX folder for this purpose.

If you run into any problems with a VPN connection, we recommend informing your IT department.

Last modified on May 10, 2022


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