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Switch to Local Data

The steps on this page show how to transition from our Cloud Data option to Local Data, where your Land F/X data will be hosted locally on your computer or office server.


Important: We do not recommend mixing Cloud and Local Data setups for the same office. Instead, choose one or the other.

Looking for a way to switch to Local Data temporarily for the purpose of working offline? See our instructions for switching back and forth between Cloud and Local Data.


Step 1: Download and run the latest Land F/X Workstation installer

Follow our steps to download and run the latest Land F/X Workstation installer


Take care to move the installer to your LandFX folder, replacing the old version. Then run the installer file from that location.

Step 2: Back up your Land F/X data



2A. Open the Projects dialog box:


F/X Admin ribbon, Project List button


F/X Admin menu, Projects option

FX Admin toolbar



or type FX_ProjectFiles in the Command line




2B. In the Land F/X Projects dialog box, click Backup.




2C. The Backup Project dialog box will open.




Check the box to Backup all projects. Then click OK.



All your projects and Preference Sets will be backed up.

Step 3: Switch to Local Data


3A. Open CAD. Type ENTERPRISE in the Command line, and press Enter. The Enter your Support Codes dialog box will open.



3B. Switch to Local Data:


Uncheck the option to Use cloud data.


Then click OK.




Step 4: Confirm that you are on Local Data & verify your Land F/X data


4A. Open CAD again.


4B. Open the General Preferences screen from the F/X Admin ribbon.




4C. Click Installation and Server Info.


You should see the name of your computer or server listed next to Project Data Server.

Step 5: Restore Land F/X projects, templates, and Preference Sets


Choose an employee to restore Land F/X projects and Preference Sets, retiring older projects that aren't being accessed anymore.



To restore projects, templates, and Preference Sets, open the Land F/X Projects dialog box as described in Step 1 above.


In the Land F/X Projects dialog box, click Restore.




The Restore Project dialog box will open. Click Import to begin restoring your project and Preference Sets.




Clicking Import will open the Select LFX File to Import dialog box.


In most cases, your projects and Preferences Sets will be backed up to the folder LandFX\data\backup on your computer or server.




To restore a project or Preference Set, navigate to it, click it, and click Open.




If you've selected a project, you'll be prompted to enter a project number, which should autofill with the project number you selected.


Click OK.

Restored projects will be available in the Land F/X Projects dialog box. Restored Preference Sets will be available from the Preference Set menu at the bottom of any of our six Preferences screens.

Our Restore feature requires you to restore projects and Preference Sets one at a time.



Once you've imported all the projects and Preference Sets you want to keep, you're ready to start working using Local Data.

Last modified on Oct 03, 2018


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