The LandFX Folder: What Is It and Where Should You Put It?
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The LandFX Folder: What Is It and Where Should You Put It?


You're installing one of our plugins, and you're not sure where to put your LandFX folder (and you might not understand what it is and why it's important).

What's the LandFX folder?

The LandFX folder is created automatically when you install our software. It contains all the files that the software needs to use, as well as everything from custom plant blocks to hatches, linetypes, layer settings, and details. It's a folder like any other on your computer or office server – it just happens to be the place where our software looks for the data, content, and other important items that allow it to function.

Already have our software installed, and you don't know where your LandFX folder is? Here's how to find it.




You'll select a location for your LandFX folder (aka the F/X Server) during the Destination Folder portion of our installation steps.


The default location for the LandFX folder is the C: drive on your computer.


If installing a Single-User setup, you'll most likely want to keep this default location.


If installing a Multi-User setup, you'll need to click Change and select a new location.

Destination Folder screen in installation steps, overview



For this reason, we have different recommendations for where to put the LandFX folder, depending on your installation type:


Single-User Installation (No Office Server)


By default, the LandFX folder is set to install directly under the root of your C: drive. If you want, you can leave the installation at the default location if you're installing as a single user – that is, a simple installation on one computer, without the need to use an office server or shared online folder.



If space is an issue or you prefer to keep applications in a specific directory, you may choose to click Change during this step and install your LandFX folder somewhere else. This is fine – if you do so, just be sure to follow our steps to verify your Support Paths. This way, the software will know where to find the content and data it requires for correct operation. The installation should create and verify your Support Paths for you by default, but it's always a good idea to check.

Destination Folder screen, Change and Next buttons

If you have a shared online account using a service such as Dropbox, Amazon Drive, etc., we recommend locating your LandFX folder there. Storing your LandFX folder in a shared online folder will allow you to move easily between multiple computers with our software installed, such as a laptop, home computer, etc.

More information >




Multi-User Installation (Installing on an Office Server or Shared Online Folder)


The installation for a Multi-User setup will be a bit more detailed, and you will need some information prior to beginning the installation. Most important are the server name and LANDFX folder location. Your IT/network admin can help you find these items.

When instaling a Multi-User setup, it's extremely important to seek assistance from your IT or network admin. You may need login credentials or admin rights during the installation.


Consider every scenario for your designers before installing:

  • Are you the only user? If so, a Single-User install with Cloud Data would be ideal.
  • Are users working both on and off site with Land F/X software?
  • If you want Cloud Data, do you have a steady and reliable Internet connection?
  • Do your users have a suitable Internet connection when working off-site?



If you do in fact opt for a Multi-User installation, you'll need to click Change on the Destination Folder screen in the installation steps. You'll then be able to navigate to the location where you want your LandFX folder to be created.


This folder can be on either a central office server or a shared online folder using a service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Carbointe, etc.

Destination Folder screen, Change and Next buttons


Some important considerations:


More information:

You can review the following links to determine the best setup for your installation.

Last modified on May 17, 2022


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