Your Custom AutoLISP Routines are Not Loading After Installing Land F/X
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Your Custom AutoLISP Routines are Not Loading After Installing Land F/X


After installing a Land F/X plugin, you're finding that your custom AutoLISP routines or scripts are not loading



This issue is likely occuring because your office incorrectly refined the S::Startup function using defun.



When refining the S::Startup function, take care to add to it via defun-q. For example, your current code may look like this:


(defun S::STARTUP ()
... when it needs to be:
(defun-q MY_STARTUP ()
; note, declaring local variables is not allowed within a defun-q
(setq clayer (getvar “CLAYER”)) ; example “local” variable
 ; set all “local” variables to nil
(setq clayer nil)
(if (and S::STARTUP (vl-consp S::STARTUP)) ; then add it
 ; but not if already there
(if (not (member (last MY_STARTUP) S::STARTUP))
) ; if
 ; otherwise, start fresh
(setq S::STARTUP MY_STARTUP) ; in this fashion, it can be added to with other startup functions
) ; if

It's also a LISP best practice to avoid having a customization file named acad.lsp. Instead, name your customization file after your firm's name or initials, which will identify it as your firm's cutomization file. For example, if your firm is called Billy Bob Landscape Architecture, you can name your customization file BBLA.lsp. Then make sure the code is intended as in the example above.

Last modified on Wednesday, 11 May 2022


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