Activate a Land F/X Trial
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Activate a Land F/X Trial

You’re here because you have Land F/X installed as a trial, but you’ve purchased your license and want to make your trial active.


Once you’ve purchased a license, your trial installation should turn into a licensed installation automatically – that is, your trial should become activated.

Haven't installed your trial yet and need help with installing, including a download link? See our Installation guide.


Verify that your trial is active

To verify that your trial has been activated, open the General Preferences and click Licenses.


In the License Manager, verify that you have the correct license(s) in the correct place. For example, if you purchased Irrigation F/X, you should have an Irrigation F/X license assigned to your computer.


You may see one or more unassigned licenses. If so, add them to the correct computer(s).


Save the changes:

  • Local Data users: If you have Local Data, click Save.
  • Cloud Data users: If you have Cloud Data, you won’t have a Save button – the licenses will just save where you put them. Just confirm that the licenses are assigned to the correct computers.


Activating a trial in place

If you want to keep your installation exactly as it is, you don’t have to do anything else. For example, you may have:

  • Had your trial installed on a single computer, or on a server with multiple workstations, and you want to keep it that way.
  • Installed your trial using either Cloud Data or Local Data, and you don't want to change the data setup you're using.


If so, you’re done. Go ahead and start using the software. Otherwise, read on.


Want to make changes to your installation?

For example, you may have Land F/X installed on one computer, but you want to use it on a server with several workstations. Or you just to move it to a different computer. You might want to change your database type or move to a different Multi-User setup.



Simple installation in a different location (no data or content to move)

You want to use Land F/X on a different computer, and you don’t need to move any of the Land F/X projects, Preference Sets, or custom content (such as blocks or details you’ve created) from your LandFX folder.


Migrate to a different location with data and content

You want to move Land F/X to a different computer, and you have plant palettes, equipment inventories, Preference Sets, or custom content in your LandFX folder that you want to move to that new location.


Single-User Trial


Multi-User Trial


Change your database type (Cloud or Local Data)

You might be using Cloud Data with your trial and want to switch to Local Data. Or you’re using Local Data and want to switch to Cloud. You may want to change your database type in addition to moving your installation to a new location, or keeping your installation in the same location.




Last modified on May 11, 2022


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