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Change a Multi-User Land F/X Installation to Several Single-User Installations (Local or Cloud Data)

Your office currently has a Multi-User Land F/X installation with either a central server or a shared online folder, and you need to change it into several Single-User installations.

These steps assume that you already have Multi-User Land F/X installed on each computer you plan to turn into a Single-User installation.



If your office has a Cloud setup, you'll simply need to:


1. Copy the LandFX folder from your server or shared online folder to the C: drive of each computer you're currently using as a Land F/X workstation.


2 On each Land F/X workstation, follow our steps to download and run the Land F/X Workstation installer.

Take care to run the downloaded Workstation installer file (setup_FXWorkstation) from the C: drive of each computer.


That's it – you've changed your Multi-User Cloud setup into several Single-User installations.





If your office has Local Data and Licensing, follow our steps to migrate Land F/X (Local Data) to a new Single-User computer on each computer where you plan to use Land F/X.



Last modified on Jun 26, 2020


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