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Mapping a Letter Drive for Your LandFX Folder Using Google Drive or Google File Stream (GFS)


You are operating Land F/X with a shared online folder using Google Drive or Google File Stream (GFS) and need to map a letter drive to your LandFX folder.

Google Drive and GFS automatically create what appears to be a mapped drive – usually lettered G:. Unfortunately, this item is a shortcut rather than a real drive.





Mapping a letter drive with Google Drive or GFS requires the use of the SUBST command in the Windows command line. The Land F/X drive map tool will accomplish this for you.




Follow our steps to map a letter drive to your LandFX folder.

A link to, and instructions for, the Land F/X drive map tool is included in these steps.




The drive map tool will set a startup folder .vbs file that will recreate the SUBST drive every time your computer restarts.




To find this file:




Open the Windows Run dialog box by pressing the the Widows + R keys (Windows keyboard) or Command + R keys (Mac keyboard).


Type shell:startup and click OK.




You'll be brought to the file LandFXFileStreamMap.vbs.

To remove this mapped drive, you'll need to remove this startup file and restart the computer.


If the drive persists, you can use the command subst H*: /d (where H* is your drive letter). So for example, if your drive letter is L:, the command would be subst L: /d

Last modified on Mar 09, 2021


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