Revert/Restore the File acad.bak.cuix
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Revert/Restore the File acad.bak.cuix


You attempted to load your ACAD menus in the Loaded Customization Groups, but you still don't see ACAD in the list of loaded menus (as pictured to the right).


Or you simply need to revert the file acad.CUIX and restore the file acad.CUIX.bak to repair an issue as directed by one of our troubleshooting articles.

ACAD not shown among the loaded menus in the Loaded Customization Groups list






If your ACAD menus are not loading, or if your toolbars are corrupt, you'll need to restore a file named acad.CUIX.


1. Follow our steps to locate the file acad.cuix.


2. Once you've navigated to the correct location, change the following file names:

  • Change the name of the file acad.cuix to acad.old.cuix.
  • Change the name of the file acad.bak.cuix to acad.cuix.


Renaming the acad.cuix and acad.bak.cuix files

If you need a fresh copy of acad.cuix, you can download one here. If necessary, you can replace the existing file acad.cuix file with the one you downloaded. However, keep in mind that replacing this file will remove any customization of your AutoCAD workspace you've configured.




3. If necessary, load your ACAD menus again. You should now be able to use CAD.

Last modified on May 04, 2022


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