Uninstall the Land F/X Workstation Component
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Uninstall the Land F/X Workstation Component


You need to uninstall the Land F/X Workstation component. 




Important: The steps covered on this page are only for uninstalling the Land F/X Workstation component – not for uninstalling Land F/X entirely. If you need to uninstall Land F/X completely from your computer, you'll also need to uninstall some additional components. For instructions, see our Uninstall/Reinstall Land F/X page.




1. If you're using Local Data, follow our steps to back up your Land F/X data.



2. Open your Control Panel.




Select Programs and Features.

Control Panel, Programs and Features option




Uninstalling F/X Workstation

3. Select F/X Workstation.



Then click Uninstall. Follow the prompts to uninstall this component.

Do not uninstall the F/X Server or MySQL files unless you are absolutely sure you have to.




You've uninstalled the Land F/X Workstation component successfully.

Trying to reinstall F/X Workstation, but you're getting a message that it's still installed and must be removed first?


1. Download the uninstall_FXWorkstation.reg.zip file linked below. Save the downloaded file to a location where you can easily find it, such as your desktop.



2. Locate the downloaded file (it will be named uninstall_FXWorkstation.reg.zip), and run it to unzip it.


3. You'll now have a file named uninstall_FXWorkstation.reg.zip. Run that file.


F/X Workstation will uninstall. You can now proceed with reinstalling F/X Workstation.

Error 1315: Unable to write to the specified folder ... .

Are you seeing this error when trying to uninstall the Workstation component? If so,here's what to do.

Error 1315: Unable to write to the specified folder
Last modified on May 09, 2022


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