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Download and Install the Planting F/X Revit Plugin (Beta Version 2)

Our Revit Connection plugin has arrived! You can now bring your CAD plans into Autodesk Revit.


Important notes:

  • Because it's an add-on, Land F/X is not compatible with Revit LT, which, just like AutoCAD LT, doesn’t allow add-ons.
  • If you plan to use Revit 2021 and F/X CAD 2021 on the same system, you'll need to install and activate Revit first, then install and activate F/X CAD.
  • Our Revit plugin is only available to existing Land F/X clients. It is not available to trial users.


Our Revit Connection allows you to manage your planting design inside the Revit environment while also providing tools needed to coordinate a BIM workflow. Import your 2D design into Revit while maintaining your exact placements and symbol sizes from CAD. We initially decided to give you early access to this exciting new tool available as a beta version. Based on feedback from a number of helpful users, we’ve developed the greatly enhanced Beta Version 2!




Why beta, and what does it mean for you?

We wanted to allow access to our Revit plugin as soon as we could, as a beta version. What does that mean for you? It means you have the chance to be part of the development process. Although we won't be able to offer full support for the Revit plugin, you'll be able to help us discover and work out some of the inevitable kinks.


As with all our products, we invite you to send us a technical support ticket to let us know about any issues you encounter. Keep in mind that our development team will likely need more time than usual to build a solution.


Get help from other users

Although we'll provide as much support for the Revit plugin as possible, it's always a good idea to reach out to other Land F/X users who have opted to br Revit trailblazers. We encourage you to use our Community Forum to ask questions. Another user may have run into the same issue and may be able to help. Forum posts tend to factor prominently in beta releases, and we want to make sure you're covered.




Installation steps


Step 1: Prerequisites

Revit installed (Support for Revit 2019 and newer. 2018 is no longer supported.)

Note: Revit is a separate program you need to purchase and download from Autodesk.


Using a Mac? Install Revit for Windows on a virtual machine using a program such as Parallels.


Your Revit Library folder set up and the default library .rfa files downloaded.


Your office must be using Cloud Data. More information:

Step 2: Install the Revit plugin

Our Revit plugin is only available for Windows machines at this time. Here's how to install it:


2A. Right-click the installer link below.


Installer link coming soon




2B. Select Save Link As or Save Target As from the menu. Save the file to your desktop.




2C. Locate the file PlantingFX_for_Revit.exe, which you just downloaded. Double-click this file to run it.




2D. The installer will start. Click Next.




2E. To accept the user agreement, select the option to accept it and click Next.




2F. Click Install to begin the installation process.




2G. If asked whether you want to allow this app to make changes to your device, click Yes to continue the installation.




2H. Click Finish.




2i. Open Revit.



2J. If you see a security popup like the one pictured to the right, click Always Load.




2K. Once you open a drawing (blank or otherwise), you should see the Planting F/X 3D Connection tools in a new Planting F/X ribbon in Revit (pictured below).


Click the gear icon to open the settings. More information about the Revit Planting F/X plugin settings





2L. Assign a library location for your Revit content.

We recommend creating a Revit/Library folder path within your office’s Land F/X Server location, such as:

  • (Mapped Letter Drive):/LandFX/

    Revit/Library (where (Mapped Letter Drive) is the drive you've mapped for your office's shared LandFX folder.)

  • C:/LandFX/Revit/Library (for Single-User installations)


More information on setting up your Revit Planting F/X library folder


2M. Input your company’s Support ID. This will be the same Support ID you use for the AutoCAD or F/X CAD Land F/X add-on.

Find your Support ID

Step 3: Load the Planting F/X Shared Parameters

3A. Open any Revit project file – even a new blank project.



3B. Click the Manage ribbon.




3C. Select the Shared Parameters tool.




3D. Click Browse, then navigate to the following file:





Select that file, then click Open.

Don't see the ProgramData folder? Follow our instructions to view hidden files and folders.




3E. Click OK in the Edit Shared Parameters window.

Step 4: Get started.

You’re now ready to begin using the Planting F/X Revit Plugin tools! See our documentation on the Land F/X 3D Connection for information on connecting CAD with Revit.

Updating the Planting F/X Revit plugin

To update our Revit plugin, you'll simply uninstall the previous version and then download and run the latest version of the installer.


To download the latest installer, use the link in the installation steps above. The installer will guide you through the updating process.


For specific steps on updating, see our article on updating (upgrading) the Planting F/X Revit Plugin.




Uninstalling the Planting F/X Revit plugin

Need to uninstall? Follow our steps to uninstall the Planting F/X Revit plugin.





Issue: External tool failure: Revit cannot run the external application "Land F/X" when opening Revit after installing the plugin


Issue: You tried to validate your Support ID, and the validation dialog box popped up blank


Issue: Plant copies with the same code are missing when you attempt to send your project to SketchUp, Rhino, or Revit


Issue: You received the following error message: "Revit could not complete the external command. Contact the provider for assistance ..."


Issue: When installing the Planting F/X Revit plugin, you received the following error messagr: The Wizard Was Interrupted before Planting F/X for Revit could be completely installed


Issue: LandFX: Your license is invalid and this product has not been activated properly on this system

Last modified on Oct 19, 2021


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