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Install Multi-User Land F/X with F/X CAD 2017 on an Office Server or Shared Online Folder

The following steps are for installing F/X CAD 2017 on each machine in an office that plans to use Land F/X software from either:

  • A central server, or
  • A shared online folder using a service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Carbonite, Box, or Amazon Drive.


Step 1: Install Land F/X and configure your server


Follow our instructions to install multi-user Land F/X software on either:

In this step, you will install the Land F/X Server component on your server, resulting in a shared LandFX folder on your server.

Cloud or Local Data?
  • Don't know whether to install using a local (MySQL) or Cloud database? We recommend our Cloud Data option in most cases. Not sure which database option to pick? Ask your IT Administrator.
  • Synology NAS users: Although NAS installs will work with Local Data (on NAS servers that support MySQL), we recommend that Synology NAS users choose Cloud Data. Please take a moment to review our System Requirements for Servers.

Step 2: Install F/X CAD and configure the workstations

Install F/X CAD on each workstation in your office by completing our steps to install F/X CAD 2017 for Existing Land F/X (Multi-User).

Once you've completed this step, each workstation in your office will have the following items installed:

  • F/X CAD
  • The Land F/X Workstation component. Land F/X Workstation provides the necessary connection between F/X CAD and the LandFX folder on your office server. 


  • Land F/X

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