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Install F/X CAD 2014

The following steps are for installing F/X CAD 2014 on a computer that already has a Land F/X license installed.


F/X CAD is our Autodesk approved AutoCAD engine for Land F/X users. More information about F/X CAD.

Step 1: Prerequisites

To complete this installation, you will need:

Your Land F/X Support ID*.


Your Serial Number and Product Key*.

*You or your office will have received your Support ID, Serial Number, and Product Key in an email from Land F/X.


The current location of your LandFX folder, as well as where you plan to store it.

What is the LandFX folder?

Locate your existing LandFX folder.

Don't have a LandFX folder? You'll need to install Land F/X before installing F/X CAD:



As an AutoCAD installation, F/X CAD requires a robust computer in order to function properly.

Take a look at our system requirements for F/X CAD.


Installing in an office that uses Land F/X on a central server or shared folder and has multiple users?

If so, you'll need to install F/X CAD 2014 locally on each individual workstation. Do not install F/X CAD on your server or network share.


Installing on a Mac? 

You'll need to install Parallels and a Windows operating system first.


Before installing F/X CAD 2014, verify that you do not have:

Important: Do not uninstall the F/X Server component – only F/X Workstation.


As part of our licensing agreement with Autodesk, F/X CAD requires a licensed Land F/X installation.

If you do not have a Land F/X license, you will be unable to use F/X CAD until you obtain one.

Are you installing from a USB drive? If so, do not run the installer directly from the USB. Instead, copy the installer file to your desktop and then run it.


Step 2: Download and extract the installer

2A. Download the installer by right-clicking the link below and selecting Save Link As or Save Target As. Save it to your desktop.

The installer is quite a large file. Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for it to download. 

2B. Double-click the downloaded file named F/X CAD2014.64.1.exe.


In the dialog box that opens, click Browse and select your deskto




2C. You will now have a folder on your desktop named F/X CAD2014.64.1. Inside this folder, find the file named Setup and open it.


The F/X CAD Installer will begin. Please allow approximately 5 to 10 minutes for this process.


Step 3: Install F/X CAD

3A. Click Install when prompted.


3B. The Autodesk License Agreement will open. Click Accept.


3C. Product Information Screen:

  • License Type: Select Stand-Alone.

  • Product Information: Select I have my product information.

  • Enter the Product Key and Serial NumberYou will have received your Product Key and Serial Number in an email from Land F/X


Click Next when finished.


3D. Configure Installation Screen:

Make sure the following two options are checked:

F/X CAD 2014

Land F/X Workstation

Then click Install.



F/X CAD will now begin to install. Please allow between 5 and 20 minutes for the installation to complete.



3E. Allow a few minutes for the Installation process to complete. Once you see the screen pictured to the right, click Finish.


F/X CAD not installing correctly, or shutting down after installation? Troubleshooting steps >


Step 4: Configure Land F/X

Follow our Land F/X Workstation Setup steps.

This step will configure your computer to access your existing Land F/X installation. 


Step 5: Open F/X CAD and get started

5A. Open F/X CAD. The Let's Get Started screen will pop up within your F/X CAD window.

Getting a blank screen when you open F/X CAD? You can just close it. You won't see this screen again once you activate. More information >


5B. If you don't already have an Autodesk account, you'll need to open one at this point.


5C. Get started using F/X CAD:

While waiting for your Activation Code, you can continue to use F/X CAD in trial mode.


  • Installing an F/X CAD trial? Click Sign in. Sign into your Autodesk account, and start your trial. Note that the Let's Get Started screen will pop up each time you open F/X CAD until you click start a trial.


• Issue: Error message: This product is not registered. Please reactivate it by typing REACTIVATE.

Solution: Reactivate your installation, then restart F/X CAD.


• Issue: When you open F/X CAD, do you not see your Land F/X ribbons, tools, or menus?


1. Load the Land F/X menus manually.

2. Still don't see your Land F/X ribbons, tools, or menus? Get the latest Land FX ribbons.


• Issue: Don't see Land F/X anywhere? Is there no Launch Land F-X shortcut on your desktop?

Solution: Navigate to the C:/LandFX folder (or the location where your LandFX folder is stored) and run (double-click) the file setup64.


• Issue: You received an error message similar to the following: Unable to establish an Internet connection to the registration server to validate your Support ID.

Solution: You may need to disable a firewall on your computer before you can license our software.

Step 6: Migrate your settings and uninstall any older versions

For F/X CAD to function correctly, it's a good idea to uninstall all previous versions of AutoCAD or F/X CAD from your computer – after you migrate your personal settings from that version.


6A. Follow our instructions to migrate your AutoCAD or F/X CAD settings.


6B. Open your Start menu, and select Control Panel.


6C. Select Programs, or Programs and Services. Then select Add or Remove Program.


6D. Double-click the logo for your existing AutoCAD or F/X CAD installation.


When the file opens, select Uninstall. Follow the prompts to uninstall the program.


For more detailed steps, please see our Uninstall AutoCAD or F/X CAD page.

What's next?


  • Your installation includes the Land F/X Welcome DWG, which includes some helpful initial instructions and links. To open it, double-click the Launch Land F/X icon from your desktop.


  • Our Land F/X Trainer is a collection of brief, step-by-step videos that will help you get started using Land F/X. 

Go to the Land F/X Trainer >


  • We also have an extensive documentation section covering everything you need to know about our software. 

Go to our documentation section >


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