Install Land F/X with F/X CAD 2020 Using Cloud Data (Express Install)

The following steps will install a trial of F/X CAD 2020 and Land F/X – including the Irrigation, Planting, Site, and Details tools – using Cloud Data.

Important: F/X CAD is our version of AutoCAD for Land F/X users.


If you are planning to use Land F/X with an existing AutoCAD installation on your computer, follow our installation steps for either:


Step 1: Prerequisites

To complete this installation, you will need:

Your Land F/X Support ID*.

*You will have received your Support ID in an email from Land F/X.


The location where you will be storing your LandFX folder.

This folder will contain all data associated with your Land F/X installation and projects. More information >


As an AutoCAD installation, F/X CAD requires a robust computer in order to function properly.

Take a look at our system requirements.


Installing on a Mac? You'll need to install virtual software such as Parallels or VMware Fusion and a Windows operating system first.


Before installing F/X CAD 2020, verify that you do not have:

This installation is available as a 30-day trial. We are unable to offer extensions.

Step 2: Download and extract the installer

2A. Right-click the F/X CAD 2020 Installer download link below.


 F/X CAD 2020 Express Installer - 64 Bit Only  (1.04 GB) 
Updated Apr 27, 2020


Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu that opens, and save the file to your desktop.


The installer is quite a large piece of software. Please allow 10 to 30 minutes for the download to complete.




2B. Go to your desktop, and double-click the file

If you clicked the download link directly, this file will likely be in your Downloads folder.




At this point, you might see the following message: Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your PC?


If so, click Yes.

Step 3: Install F/X CAD

3A. Click Install when prompted.




3B. Select I Accept to accept the agreement.


Then click Next.





3C. Verify that both items are checked on this screen.


Then click Install.


F/X CAD will now begin to install. Please allow between 5 and 20 minutes for the installation to complete.




3D. You may see a message that we needed to remove an older version of the F/X Workstation component.


If so, click the link to Install the F/X Workstation Component Using Setup64.exe. Then follow the instructions on the page that opens.

Don't see this message? Move on to Step 4.




3E. You'll be brought to your LandFX folder. Run (double-click) the file setup64 or setup64.exe in that location.

This step will configure F/X CAD 2020 to work with your Land F/X installation.

F/X Workstation is already installed. Please uninstall it from Programs and Features.

Did you receive this message, and the installer cancelled and closed? Here's what to do:

1. Uninstall the Land F/X Workstation component.

2. Double-click the F/X CAD installer file (fxcad2020.64.1) again, and install F/X CAD. You should now be able to complete the installation.

Other errors or issues?

  • F/X CAD not installing correctly, or shutting down after installation   Troubleshooting steps >

  • A red "NO" sign to the left of the F/X CAD checkbox   Solution >
  • Please install DirectX before installing AutoCAD 2020   Solution >
  • Error message containing the text /SecondRun and /FirstRunThreadld   Solution >
  • Install Incomplete. Please click the link to open a webpage to wrap up your installation before continuing.   Solution >
  • Menus not loaded. We were unable to automatically set the appropriate menus for this F/X CAD installation. Please click the link below to visit our guide to do so.   Solution >
  • Unable to Set License Type. F/X CAD Prep failed to set the License Type automaticaly. You will need to select Enter a Serial Number on license selection dialog manually.   Solution >

Step 4: Install Land F/X

4A. You'll now be brought to the Land F/X installer. Proceed through the installation steps, paying special attention to the screens pictured below.




4B. Enter your Support ID* when prompted.

*You or your office will have received your Support ID in an email from Land F/X.

"The Wizard was interrupted"

Did you receive this error after entering your Support ID? Solution >





4C. Destination Folder

During the Destination Folder step, you'll be asked where to install the LandFX folder. Our installer will create this folder automatically in the location you choose.


Click Change to select a location for the LandFX folder.

The LandFX folder will need to be shared on your network, so make sure it's in an appropriate shared location and your users have full read-write permissions for that location.


Click Next when finished.

More information on the LandFX folder and where to place it >


Important considerations:


  • Don't see the letter drive for your LandFX folder when browsing? Here's what to do.


Step 5: Open F/X CAD and get started

5A. You should see the Autodesk Licensing screen, pictured to the right.


Click I agree to agree to the privacy statement.




5B. You should now see the Product License Activation screen.


  • Installing as a trial? Click Run to begin using F/X CAD.


Important: Once you begin using F/X CAD or click Activate, your F/X CAD installation will lock after 30 days unless you complete the entire activation process.




If you see the Let's Get Started screen, pictured to the right, instead of the Autodesk Licensing screen, click enter a serial number.


You can then proceed to our steps to activate F/X CAD 2020.


• Issue: Error message: This product is not registered. Please reactivate it by typing REACTIVATE.

Solution: Reactivate your installation, then restart F/X CAD.


• Issue: When you open F/X CAD, do you not see your Land F/X ribbons, tools, or menus?


1. Load the Land F/X menus manually.

2. Still don't see your Land F/X ribbons, tools, or menus? Get the latest Land FX ribbons.


• Issue: You received an error message similar to the following: Unable to establish an Internet connection to the registration server to validate your Support ID.

Solution: You may need to disable a firewall on your computer before you can license our software.

Last modified on Jul 11, 2019


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