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Land F/X Server Migration (How to Move Your Installation to a New Server)

Need to move your Land F/X installation from one server to another? The following steps will show you how to:

  • Back up an installation of one of our plugins on your "old server"
  • Install one of our plugins on your new server
  • Restore your projects, Preference Sets, and other data on your "new server"
Do you have just a few Land F/X projects and no custom blocks? Consider this easier method!

These server migration steps provide a great way to copy everything in your LandFX folder, but we understand that the instructions on this page might sound intimidating. If you have fewer than 20 Land F/X projects and you haven't created a lot of custom content, such as blocks, you can just use our Backup and Restore tools to back up all your Land F/X projects.

Find out how >

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before completing these steps, make sure that:

Your office has Local Data – not Cloud Data. Don't know which one you have? Ask your IT Administrator. 

You have admin permissions on both your old server and your new server.

You have a USB drive handy.

Nobody in your office is currently using Land F/X software. We recommend completing these steps during non-working hours.


Step 2: Download and run the Automatic Backup Script.

Complete this step on your old server.

2A. Download the landfx-backup-restore.bat file linked below.

2B. Locate the file landfx-backup-restore.bat you just downloaded.


Drag this file into the LandFX folder.


Open the LandFX folder, and double-click the file landfx-backup-restore.bat.


2C. The Command prompt will open.


Type B (for "backup").  


You should see a message that you've backed up your data successfully.


Don't see this message, or seeing an error message? Go back to Step 2A and verify that you've completed the necessary steps correctly. 


2D. Open the LandFX folder on your old server, and locate the following items within that folder:

  • A folder named landfxcopy
  • A file named landfx-backup-restore.bat


Copy both of these items onto a USB drive.



Once you've copied the folder landfxcopy and the file landfx-backup-restore.bat onto your USB drive, move on to Step 3: Install Land F/X on your new server.


Step 3: Install Land F/X on your new server.

Complete this step on your new server.

3A. Log in to your new server, and follow our steps to install Land F/X.

Note: You will need to contact us to unlock your Support ID for the installation.

3B. Once the installer completes, verify that you have a LandFX folder on your new server.

The installer should have automatically created a LandFX folder on your new server. Our default location is the C: drive. Can't find a LandFX folder on your new server? Verify that you've completed the installation correctly. 

3C. Follow our steps to map a letter drive to the LandFX folder on your new server.
Once you've installed Land F/X and verified that you have a mapped letter drive pointing to the LandFX folder on your server, you can move on to

Step 4: Copy the backups to your new server, and restore.

Complete this step on your new server.

4A. Drag the following items from your USB drive into the LandFX folder on your new server.

  • The file landfx-backup-restore.bat
  • The folder landfxcopy

4B. Verify that the LandFX folder on your new server contains the following two items:

  • A file named landfx-backup-restore.bat
  • A folder named landfxcopy


Double-click the file landfx-backup-restore.bat from within the LandFX folder.

Don't see these items in the LandFX folder? They may not have copied correctly from your USB drive. Try dragging them from your USB drive into the LandFX folder again. Once both items are in the LandFX folder, double-click the file landfx-backup-restore.bat


4C. The Command prompt will open.


Type (for "restore").


You should now see a message that you have restored your data successfully.

If completed successfully, this step will automatically import your Land F/X data into the correct locations on your new server.

Don't see a message that the restoration was successful? Seeing an error message? Or did the migration steps otherwise fail? Ask your IT provider to complete your server migration using our manual migration steps – and to contact us to ensure that they are using the correct migration process. Warning: Do not attempt the manual steps if you are not an IT professional.


Once you've successfully restored your data, move on to Step 5: Reconfigure the workstations.


Step 5: Reconfigure the workstations.

Complete the following steps on every CAD workstation in your office that will be using our software.

Important: You do not need to uninstall anything before completing these steps.


5A. Prerequisites:

Before configuring the CAD workstations in your office, make absolute sure that:

Land F/X is installed on your new server.

You have a LandFX folder on your new server.

You have a mapped letter drive pointing to that LandFX folder.


5B. Download the Land F/X Workstation Installer (Setup64.exe) – linked below.



5C. Double-click the Setup64.exe file you just downloaded.

Make sure that the LandFX folder on your server is mapped to a letter drive. The example to the right shows an installation that's mapped to the L: drive. The LandFX folder on your server may have a different letter drive assigned to it.



5D. Verify that the workstation is configured correctly with your new server.


Open the General Preferences screen from the F/X Admin ribbon.


Click Installation and Server Info.


You should see the name of your new server listed next to Project Data Server.

5E. Verify that your Land F/X data has been transferred successfully to your new server.


Open the Projects dialog box from the F/X Admin ribbon.


You should see all your existing Land F/X projects and templates in the Projects list.


5F. Migrate the licenses. Note: You only need to complete this step once, on the first workstation you configure.

Open CAD. When the License Management screen opens, assign all licenses to the new server. 


5G. Repeat Step 5 on each additional workstation in your office network.


5H. Have your office IT administrator remove any unused CAD workstations from the License Manager on your old server.

Your IT admin should complete this step on your old server, after all workstations have been configured. Note: This step is only necessary if your office plans to take one or more computers out of commission as CAD workstations.




IT admins:

Log in to your office's old server, and open CAD.



Open our License Manager screen, then follow our steps to remove each of your unused workstations from the License Manager.

Do not attempt this step if you are not your office's IT administrator.


Once you've configured all CAD workstations in your office, you've completed your Land F/X server migration.


Each workstation user will check out a license from our License Management screen when he or she opens CAD and needs to use our software.

Last modified on Monday, May 15 2017


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