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Land F/X Server Migration

The steps on this page outline the process of backing up a Land F/X installation on your "old server" and restoring the data on your "new server" in order to move your Land F/X server.

Do you have just a few Land F/X projects and no custom blocks? Consider this easier method!

The server migration steps outlined below provide a great way to copy everything in your LandFX folder, but we understand that the instructions might sound intimidating. If you have fewer than 20 Land F/X projects and you haven't created a lot of custom content, such as blocks, you can just use our Backup and Restore tools to back up all your Land F/X projects.

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Do the migration steps outlined below seem overwhelming? They're actually very simple. Here's a 7-minute video showing exactly how to complete the migration process:


Step 1: Download and run the Automatic Backup Script.

1. Download the following backup file, and place it in your LandFX folder on your old server:




2. Open the file, and select the Backup option. This step will create a folder called LandFXCopy in your LandFX folder. 



3. Transfer this entire folder to your new server.


Step 2: Install Land F/X on your new server.


Follow our installation steps to set up a "fresh" installation of Land F/X on your new server.

Note: You will need to contact us to unlock your Support ID for the installation.

Step 3: Copy the backups to your new server, and restore.


1. Place the LandFXCopy folder inside the LandFX folder on your new server.  

2. Download the backup file linked below, and also place it inside the LandFX folder on your new server.



The installer should have created a LandFX folder on your server during the installation process. Our default location is C:\LandFX.


3. Open the landfx-backup-restore.bat file, and select the Restore option.


This step should import the database backup from your old server and overwrite all data folders from the LandFXCopyfolder to the correct location on your new server.



Step 4: Reconfigure the workstations.

1. Uninstall F/X Workstation from every machine.

Note: At this point, we recommend using a mapped letter drive for the LandFX folder.



2. Run the setup64.exe file from the mapped LandFX location on each machine.



These steps should configure CAD on each machine to point correctly to the new LandFX folder location. However, use our Verify the Land F/X Workstation Configuration checklist to ensure that it is working correctly.

When you open CAD, the License Management screen will open. Here, you will assign all Land F/X licenses to the server. Each workstation user will then check out a license when he or she opens CAD and needs to use Land F/X. For information on how to assign and check out licenses, see our License Management documentation section.
Last modified on Wednesday, January 11 2017


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