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Move Land F/X Data to New Computer (Single User)

The steps on this page outline the process of backing up a Land F/X installation on your "old computer" and restoring the data on your "new computer." 

Want to see these steps in action? Watch the following brief video tutorial: Land F/X Server Move Steps Walkthrough


Step 1: Download and run the Automatic Backup Script

1. Right-click the following link, and download the backup file on the computer that has the data on it. (Select Save Link As or Save Target As from the menu, and save to the location of your choice.)



2. Find the file you just downloaded, and place it into the LandFX folder on your old computer.

Make sure you're downloading and running the backup script on the computer that has your Land F/X data on it. This step will grab the data from that computer, which will allow you to transfer it to your new computer.


3. Open the file, and select the Backup option. This step will create a folder called landfxcopy in your LandFX folder.


4. Transfer the landfxcopy folder to your new computer.


Step 2: Install Land F/X on your new computer

1. Follow the appropriate link for your situation:



2. Locate the downloaded file on your desktop, and place it into your LandFX folder on your new computer.



This step will set up a "fresh" installation of Land F/X on your new computer.

You will need to contact us to unlock your Support ID for the installation.

Step 3: Copy the backups to your new computer, and restore

1. Right-click the following linked backup file, and select Save Link As or Save Target As from the menu. Save to your desktop. 




2. Find the backup file you just downloaded, and place it into your LandFX folder on your new computer.



3. Place the landfxcopy folder inside your LandFX folder on your new computer

The installer should have created a LandFX folder on your computer during the installation process.

Our default location is C:\landfx


4. Open the landfx-backup-restore.bat file in your LandFX folder, and select the Restore option.

This step should import the database backup from your old computer and overwrite all data folders from the landfxcopy folder to the correct location on your new computer. 


Step 4: Load your Land F/X menus

Open CAD to find out whether the Land F/X menus and ribbons are present. If you see the Land F/X menus and ribbons, you've completed the steps successfully.

Don't see the Land F/X menus and ribbons? Follow our steps to reload your Land F/X menus.

Last modified on Thursday, April 06 2017


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