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Change a Single-User Land F/X Installation to a Multi-User Installation (Office Server)

Here are concise steps for backing up a Land F/X installation on your single-user computer and restoring the data on your new server:


Step 1: Download and run the Automatic Backup Script

Complete this section on the computer where you have an existing Single-User installation of Land F/X.


1A. Download the landfx-backup-restore.bat link below, and place it in your landfx folder on the computer where you have an existing Single-User installation of Land F/X:



1B. Open the downloaded file, and select the Backup option. This will create a folder called landfxcopy in your LandFX folder. Transfer this entire folder to your new server.

Step 2: Install Land F/X on your new server


Follow our set up a "fresh" installation of Land F/X on your new server.

You will need to contact us to unlock your Support ID for the installation.

Step 3: Copy the backups to your new server, and Restore

Complete this section on your new server.  


3A. Download the landfx-backup-restore.bat file linked below, and place it in the LandFX folder on your new server:


3B. Now place the landfxcopy folder inside the LandFX folder on your new server

The installer should have created a LandFX folder on your server during the installation process. Our default location is C:\LandFX


3C. Open the landfx-backup-restore.bat file (linked above), and select the Restore option.

This step should import the database backup from your Single-User installation and overwrite all data folders from the landfxcopy folder to the correct location on your new server. 

Step 4: Uninstall Land F/X from the single-user computer, and reconfigure it

4A. Using the Control Panel on your computer, uninstall F/X Server and F/X Workstation.


4B. Follow our steps to map a drive to the server LandFX folder as specified in the server setup steps.


4C. Install the Land F/X Workstation component:

  • 64-bit systems: Run our latest Workstation installer (setup64.exe) from your LandFX folder.
  • 32-bit systems: Follow our manual workstation installation steps.


4D. Open CAD to see whether the Land F/X menus and toolbars are present. If not, follow our steps to load your Land F/X menus.

Step 5: Configure the Land F/X workstations

When you open CAD, the License Management screen will open. Here, you will assign all Land F/X licenses to the server. Each workstation user will then check out a license when he or she opens CAD and needs to use Land F/X.


For information on how to assign and check out licenses, please see our License Management documentation section.
Last modified on Monday, July 17 2017


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