"Silent Install" of Land F/X Workstation ***IT Admins Only***
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"Silent Install" of Land F/X Workstation ***IT Admins Only***

Our Silent Installer allows for a quick installation of the Land F/X Workstation component in your network without input from users on:

  • Where to put the LandFX folder
  • Which Land F/X menus will load
  • Which version of AutoCAD is installed on any given workstation

Our silent installer includes the following MSIs, which are necessary for a proper installation:

  • opendcl.msi
  • mysqlodbc64.msi
  • FX Workstation.msi
  • vcredist_x64.exe (This is a required prerequisite for MySQL ODBC Connector 5.3.)
  • MicrosoftEdgeWebView2RuntimeInstallerX64.exe


The Land F/X Server component needs to be installed and configured on your server before you can complete the Silent Install steps below.

Silent Installation instructions

If you're an IT admin who wants to configure your environment for a silent deployment, you'll need to download the Silent Installer and make a few changes to the downloaded file.


1. Download the Silent Installer using the link below.


2. A file named Silent Installer.exe will download to your chosen location, such as your desktop. Double-click and extract this file.


3. You'll now have a folder named silent installer in your chosen location. Open this folder, then edit the file silent_install.bat.

silent installer folder containing the file silent_install.bat

Although you'll only be configuring the file silent_install.bat, you'll need this entire folder in order to install Land F/X successfully.


4. Configure the silent_install.bat file to meet the needs of your environment. The only adjustments necessary to perform a silent installation of F/X Workstation will be to the properties following the section WORKSTATION-INSTALL.


Adjust the following properties to match your configuration for the paths to your Land F/X directory and editions of AutoCAD:


• INSTALLDIR: This is the location of your Land F/X server directory. We highly recommend mapping a letter drive to your LandFX folder. (The default location for single-user installs will be C:\LandFX, whereas an example multi-user configuration would be L:\(Servername\landfx) where servername is your actual server name.)

Is your mapped drive not showing up? Note that Windows treats drives mapped under the user account and built-in administrator account as different objects. More information


• SERVER: This property will be the hostname or IP address of your database server. (This information needs to be the same for all stations, as mixing hostname and IPs acts as two separate license servers). If you're using Cloud Data, leave this property as landfx.com.


• INSTALLSQLITE: This property determines whether or not a local SQLite database will be loaded onto the workstation. Depending on how strict your domain permissions are, this property may need to be disabled. To disable this part of the install, simply change the property value from Yes to No.

If your workstations are going to be Single-User installations hosting their own database and you’d prefer not to use cloud, leave the INSTALLSQLITE property set to Yes and also change the SERVER property to SQLITE.


If you want, you can log the process of the FX Workstation.msi by adding the following line before the properties to be passed to the installer: /L* "..." 

(Where "..." will be the desired path for the log to be located)



5. Once you've made all the necessary changes, we recommend placing the entire silent installer folder within your shared LandFX folder for ease of deployment to your users – but you can of course place it in the location that works best for your environment.


6. Use your preferred method to install and deploy Land F/X on all your office workstations. 

Last modified on Oct 18, 2022


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