Install Land F/X on a Laptop
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Install Land F/X on a Laptop

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This article will help you install Land F/X on a laptop or portable computer.


Academic users: Follow our Academic installation instructions.

Need to install F/X CAD on your laptop?

F/X CAD logo You'll be brought to the F/X CAD installation steps once you've installed Land F/X.

Installing on a Mac laptop?

You'll need a program called Parallels to run AutoCAD or F/X CAD and Land F/X.




Choose your setup

Before installing Land F/X on a laptop, you mainly need to ask yourself two questions:




Cloud and Local are our two options for hosting your Land F/X licenses and data. (Your Land F/X data consists of your projects and Preference Sets.)


Cloud is the best setup for a laptop, as it allows you access your Land F/X data from anywhere with an Internet connection, as well as share your data in real time with your co-workers.


If you already have a Local setup of Land F/X in your office or on your home computer, we highly recommend switching to Cloud – especially because you plan to work on your laptop.








When you install Land F/X, you're also installing the LandFX folder, which stores all the files that the software needs to use, as well as everything from custom plant blocks to hatches, linetypes, layer settings, and details. It's a folder like any other on your computer or office server – it just happens to be the place where our software looks for the data, content, and other important items that allow it to function. More information about the LandFX folder

Academic users: Follow our steps for installing a Land F/X Academic License.


The way your installation accesses the LandFX folder will depend on whether you have a Multi-User or Single-User installation.



With a Multi-User installation, your LandFX folder is stored on either:

  • A central office server, or
  • A shared online folder using a service such as Dropbox, Google Backup and Sync, Box, OneDrive, Egnyte, or Amazon Drive


We generally recommend a Multi-User installation – especially in offices with multiple Land F/X users. Even if you're actually a single user (such as a sole proprietor), we still recommend a Multi-User installation, which will allow you to store your LandFX folder in a safe place and access it easily from your laptop in addition to your office computer, home computer, etc.

The absolute best setup for a laptop would be a Multi-User installation with your Land F/X folder stored on a shared online folder. If your office has multiple users who plan to work from home or use laptops, we recommend moving your LandFX folder to a shared online folder.



With a Single-User installation, your LandFX folder will be stored on your laptop. If you only plan to use Land F/X on your laptop, or if you're trying out Land F/X for the first time, a Single-User installation will serve your purposes just fine.


If your office has Cloud Data: We highly recommend a Multi-User installation on your laptop. That way, you can easily move back and forth between your office computer and laptop.


If your office has Local Data: We recommend switching to Cloud. Don't want to switch to Cloud? Then a Single-User installation is what you need on your laptop.

Keep in mind that if you install Single-User Land F/X on your laptop, you'll need to follow a set of steps to transfer your Land F/X data from computer to computer each time you move between your laptop and another computer to work on a drawing.






Installation steps

Ready to install Land F/X on your laptop? You can find your download link and installation steps in our Installation Guide.

Last modified on Apr 19, 2022


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