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Install F/X CAD 2013

Download Installer

Right Click the appropriate installer, and choose to Save it to your Desktop.  Unsure if your computer is
32 bit or 64 bit?
Click here.

download-iconF/X CAD 2013 - 32-bit Installer - 

download-iconF/X CAD 2013 - 64-bit Installer


Before installing F/X CAD 2013, it's a good idea to verify that you do not already have AutoCAD or F/X CAD 2013 installed on your computer – even a trial version. Follow our instructions to check for and uninstall existing versions of AutoCAD or F/X CAD.

Download files

Step 1 - Once downloaded to your Desktop, double-click on the icon and click install.

Step 2 - When it's done installing, there will be a F/X CAD 2013 folder on your Desktop. 

Step 3 - Within that folder is a setup.exe  Right Click on it and choose to Run As Administrator.

Select Install


Select Install


Agree to License Agreement

Select I Accept on the License Agreement




Select Stand-Alone install, Select I have my product information


Select Installation Packages

If you do not have Land F/X installed, then check the option for F/X Server.

*You will need a Support ID that will be provided by Land F/X.


questionServer? Workstation? 

Click HERE for an explanation.

Select Install options

F/X Server

  • Installs Land F/X

F/X CAD 2013

  • Installs F/X CAD 2013 CAD Engine

F/X Workstation

  • Launches Workstation Installer to connect to F/X Server

Note: If you are installing this as a 'standalone' installation, i.e. you will not be using a server or sharing files in an office, select F/X Server so that your computer will act as both a Server AND a Workstation.

Installation Process

If you chose F/X Server, you will have an InstallShield Wizard pop up.
  1. Click Next
  2. Accept License Agreement
  3. Enter Support ID
  4. Product will be Activated for 0 stations, Click Ok.
  5. (Destination Folder Prompt) Click Next
  6. (Database Installation) Click Next
  7. (Select Features to Install) If you bought only Land F/X (planting), then uncheck Irrigation F/X Files
  8. Install
Installing 10 out of 10. Can take up to 20 minutes
The next step is the InstallShield Wizard for F/X CAD Workstation. Please do not close.

Note: If you chose F/X Server, this will be the second InstallShield Wizard.

Step 1 - F/X Workstation InstallShield Wizard

Step 2 - Agree to License Agreement

-If you chose F/X Server, the location will automatically populate.
-If you are installing a workstation, click Locate to find the server's Land F/X folder.
is put together with hammers, or whatever hard object you have lying around
Note: If you are installing a Workstation to an existing Land F/X office setup and will be connecting to the computer that will act as the Land F/X Server, make sure that the folder is accessible through the network and it is a good idea to 'Map the Network Drive' - More Information on Mapping a Network Drive HERE.
Step 3 - Choose Location

Step 4 - Click Install


Installation Successful



You are almost done! To complete your installation you will need to:

• Generate a Request Code

• Activate F/X CAD



  • Land F/X

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