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Manual Installation of Land F/X Workstation

Downloading and running the latest automatic Land F/X Workstation Installer should repair your installation of our software in the vast majority of cases.

If the installer fails in some way, you'll need to bypass the Workstation Installer and use the manual installation steps detailed below.



To complete this installation, you will need:

The location of your LandFX folder

The name of your office server (if you have one).

If you are unsure of either of these items, please contact your IT administrator.

Step 1: Install and configure your database connection (Single User installations only)

Complete this step if you have a Single User installation with either Local or Cloud Data. (If you have Cloud Data, the SQLite database will prepare you in case you need to switch to Local Data temporarily.) If you have a Multi-User installation using an office server or shared online folder, skip to Step 2.



1A. Use the link below to download the necessary SQLite database files. Save the linked zip file to a location where you can easily locate it, such as your desktop or Downloads folder.



1B. Locate and double-click the file you just downloaded. the file will unzip, and you'll be left with a folder named LandFX-SQLite.




1C. Open the folder LandFX-SQLite. It should contain the following four files:

  • landfx.db
  • sqlite3.dll
  • sqlite3odbc.dll
  • SQLite3ODBC.reg



1D. Drag the following files into the folder C:/Windows/System32:

  • sqlite3.dll
  • sqlite3odbc.dll

Don't see one or more of these folders? You'll need to create them.




1E. Drag the file landfx.db into the folder C:/ProgramData/LandFX/data.

Important: If you don't see the folder ProgramData on your C: drive, follow our steps to view hidden files and folders. You'll only be able to see this folder if you have your hidden files and folders turned on.

Still don't see one or more of these folders? You'll need to create them.




1F. Double-click the file SQLite3ODBC.reg.


This step will configure your system to use the new SQLite database. Once the configuration is complete, move on to Step 2.

2A. Download the latest Land F/X menus from the following link.


2B. Double-click the file you just downloaded. This step will unzip the file and create a folder in the same location.



2C. Move that folder's contents to the location C:\Program Files on your computer. You should now see the following folders:

C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2020

C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2019

C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2018

C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2017

C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2016


You can now proceed to the next step: installing OpenDCL.

Step 3: Install OpenDCL

Click the following link to download the OpenDCL driver:



This step will create a file in the location you chose for the download. Double-click that file to install OpenDCL. It's an extremely simple installation process.

Error Message: The signature of this program is corrupt or invalid


If you downloaded OpenDCL using Internet Explorer, you might see a warning that The signature of this program is corrupt or invalid. If so, right-click within the area pictured to the left.




To complete the installation, you can then select Run anyway or Install anyway (or a similar option) from the menu that opens.




Once you've installed the OpenDCL library, you can move on to the next step: updating the Support Path.

Step 4: Update the Support Path

4A. Open the Options dialog box:


Manage ribbon, Options button




type Options in the Command line





right-click in the Command line and select Options from the menu

Tools pull-down menu




4B. In the Options dialog box, select the Files tab. In most cases, the Support File Search Path will be the top entry in the list of files.


Expand the Support File Search Path by clicking the plus (+) sign (as pictured to the right).




4C. The Support File Search Path will expand, and you'll be able to see all folders it currently includes.

If you see any existing Land F/X entries in this list (for example, any entries beginning with C://Program Files/LandFX), you'll need to delete them now by highlighting them and clicking Remove.


 Take care not to remove any other entries from the Support File Search Path.


Once you've deleted any existing Land F/X entries from the Support File Search Path, you can continue to the next step.




4D. Add the necessary paths.


Once you're sure the Support File Search Path contains no Land F/X entries, click Add, then click Browse.




4E. Navigate to the appropriate folder for your version of AutoCAD or F/X CAD:

  • C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2020 (for CAD 2020 installations)
  • C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2019 (for CAD 2019 installations)
  • C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2018 (for CAD 2018 installations)
  • C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2017 (for CAD 2017 installations)
  • C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2016 (for CAD 2016 installations)
  • C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_\2015 (for CAD 2015 installations)


Then click OK.

You'll only need to select one of these folders. Use the 2020 folder for CAD 2020, and so on.

Before you can complete this step, you'll need to verify that you (or any users whose installation you are configuring) have read/write permissions for this folder path.


4F. Click Add and then Browse again, and navigate to your LandFX folder to add it to the Support File Search Path.

Your LandFX folder might be on the server in a large office, or on your local hard drive (usually your C: drive) for a laptop, standalone, or home installation.




Both folder paths you added should now appear in the Support Path as pictured to the right.
Don't see an entry for the LandFX folder in the Support File Search Path?

Solution: Download the latest installer, and run it from your LandFX folder. After running the installer, double-check that these paths are correct.

4G. Click OK to save your changes.



Once you've added your LandFX folder to the Support File Search Path, you can proceed to the final step: Loading your menus from their new location.

Step 5: Load your Land F/X menus from the new local location you set up above

You can now load your Land F/X menus. When you load the menus, navigate to the file location you set up in Step 3 above.


Your installation should now be complete.

Last modified on Jan 17, 2020


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