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Install F/X CAD


Legacy versions listed below require a $50 activation fee.


Need to uninstall?

• Please make sure you select the year version that corresponds with the license you've purchased. You can find this information in the Land F/X License Management screen or in your purchase email receipts.

• Requires a Design F/X, Planting F/X, or Irrigation F/X license.

• F/X CAD can also be installed on a home computer or laptop.

• What is a "Legacy" version? Any version of F/X CAD that is older than the two most recent versions.  More information >

Last modified on Jan 03, 2022


  • Land F/X

Our software tailors AutoCAD to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.

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