Install a Trial of Land F/X for AutoCAD
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Install a Trial of Land F/X for AutoCAD

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The following steps will install a trial of Land F/X – including the Irrigation, Planting, Site, and Details tools – using Cloud Data.



To complete this installation, you will need:

Your Land F/X Support ID*.

*You or your office will have received your Support ID in an email from Land F/X.


The location where you will be storing your LandFX folder.

This folder will contain all data associated with your Land F/X installation and projects. More information >


A single office computer, home computer, or laptop that already has a compatible CAD engine and is not already configured to connect to Land F/X on a server.

Land F/X is compatible with AutoCAD, F/X CAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, or AutoCAD Architecture, version 2019 or newer.

Land F/X is not compatible with AutoCAD LT.


Step 1: Download the installer

1A. Right-click the Land F/X Cloud Installer download link below.


 Land F/X Trial Installer (379.31MB) 
Updated 01/19/2023



1B. Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu that appears, and save the file to your desktop.


Step 2: Install Land F/X Server


2A. Go to your desktop, and locate the file setup_LandFX_trial.exe if you saved it there. If you clicked the link directly, this file will likely be in your Downloads folder.


Double-click the setup_LandFX_trial.exe file and proceed through the installation steps, paying special attention to the screens pictured below.



2B. You may see the screen pictured to the right.


Click Install to begin the installation process.


If you've already installed Land F/X on this computer, you won't see this screen.

Install button




Enter Support ID

2C. Enter your Support ID* when prompted.

*You or your office will have received your Support ID in an email from Land F/X.

"The Wizard was interrupted"

Did you receive this error after entering your Support ID? Solution >





2D. Destination Folder

During the Destination Folder step, you'll be asked where to install the LandFX folder. Our installer will create this folder automatically in the location you choose.


Click Change to select a location for the LandFX folder.

The LandFX folder will need to be shared on your network, so make sure it's in an appropriate shared location and your users have full read-write permissions for that location.


Click Next when finished.

More information on the LandFX folder and where to place it >


Destination Folder screen

Step 3: Set up a backup system for Land F/X

It's extremely important to implement a good backup system for the Land F/X database.

See our article on backing up your Land F/X data.

What's next?

Our extensive Learning Resources section includes everything you need to know about our software, with resources ranging from instructional articles to short Power Tip videos, in-depth webinars, and more.

Last modified on Jan 09, 2023


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